Shin Okubo or Koreatown

Shin Okubo or Koreatown (not Zozotown: whole different vibe) Tokyo.

kimchee Shin Okubo

Wow! so, you’ve decided to spice up your life?
Nothing like a little red pepper paste and some garlic.
I like mine pickled.
YYC found Shin Okubo.
Of course, don’t ask for their Beef Bulgogi specials at the Pork only restaurant like I did.
ha ha (Missed the cartoon of Porky doing a jig on the front of the menu and on the walls apparently.)
That said it’s hard to argue with a feast fit for King Sejong.

Akasaka Korean restaurant

Later YYC did find another enclave of all that is Chosun off the Akasaka stop of the Chiyoda Line–
less selection (at least in terms of shops offering Korean ‘Idol’ memorabilia) but better food—
AND INFINITELY BETTER COMPANY (Kudos to Takeshi-san, Juro-san, Naoshi-san!)

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