Shower Power

Shower Shock caffeinated soap

Wow. I guess this is the morning excitement that I’ve been waiting for my whole life. $27.00 and I got a five pack of these babies DHL’d to my door. Featured on Goodmorning America–so I’m told, obviously without the soap I couldn’t wake up and tune in….Ostensibly, this soap contains enough caffeine to jolt you out of sandland. I think I should eat it.

Diet Coke Plus vitamins and minerals and Shower Shock caffeinated soap

Now, add to that, (Recend oddity in Supermarket, #57) Diet Coke with added Vitamins and Minerals. Yeah, right.

I suppose if I play my cards right I’ll have everything I need in a day if I shower while sipping a can ‘o’ SUPER Coke. It’s a Surreal Thing.

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