Spakaru from Spa Karuizawa

Starting off with our Best shot at looking like 2007 is still with us!!!

With Kattchi Ito at the Tokyo American Club

YYC met with Kattchi Ito in August at the Tokyo American Club.
We won’t tell you his age, because you wouldn’t believe us anyway…..but Ito-san and his Spa Directed line of Skin Care products are as innovative as they are rare. Created from very deep volcanic waters in Japan–the line is rich in antioxidants and deflects the harmful UV rays we all know and love.

Spakaru Phyto Aroma Thalasso Therapy from Spa Karuizawa

Spakaru (I think: SPARKLE) is an elixir blend for face and body rejuvenation along the lines of the Serum of La Mer or Shu Uemura’s DepSea Therapy without the price point. YYC has been using Spakaru for the past three months and, Golly, We do NOTICE a difference.

We’re still trying to coax Mr. Kattchi into export. His endeavors do intermingle with French production (he has spent many years abroad honing his formula)—Let us know if you can’t live without some Spakaru and well, we’ll do our best to ‘connect’ you.

Cheers to a Younger Looking 2008!

Spakaru Phyto Aroma Thalasso Therapy from Spa Karuizawa

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