Spring 07 at Chanel Palm Beach

Chanel, Palm Beach (561-655-1550….ask for Elizabeth F.–she not only knows her stuff, but she’ll keep it to herself if she knows yours….) sponsored a Gala featuring the delights of Spring ’07 from 6-9PM, December 27–all those fantasy tweeds under one roof, by invitation only. Wow. While I missed the hors d’oeuvres (perhaps belts and pins??) I did spy a few of the main courses…i.e. Hard Pieces (sounds sexy, but it’s garment industry lingo for suits and jackets)–Pretty Soft Pink Bolero Jackets and Matching Ruffled Boucle Dress Ensembles (think ’95C), Cropped Denim Fantasy Tweed Jackets in Dusty Blue/Rose and Pink Combos (Think ’03A), and a Delicious Jacket/Dress set in Bold Black and White shot with Pink Plaid (Think ’04P).

Karl has done quite a bit of heavily borrowed weaves and themes—sort of like a ‘Greatest Hits’ collection assembled for Acts one and two of ’07. With other designers constantly looking to Mr. Lagerfeld for “inspiration” (you can read that as industrial espionage and outright knock offs), I was fine with seeing some of my all time favourites updated by their actual createur.

Now, how to afford all these bolts of fabric. Wonder if it’s too late to enroll at a sweatshop. At $ .99 an hour, I guess I’ll literally owe my soul to the company store. Time to cultivate a taste for Kathi Lee.

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