Star Style, June 2007

…because a gal can’t live on threads alone…..heh, heh.

Okay girlfriends, the gist of the month follows the Sun cruising through Gemini (probably in a ’65 T-Bird playing ‘My Sharona’ as the driver puts on her mascara, chats on her cell phone, uses her computer, and learns Mandarin via a CD Berlitz Audio Course).

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Things go fast, read the small print. On 15 June at 7:40 PM EST, the ruler of this month goes Retrograde (ie REVERSE apparent motion to the revolution of the sun from our astronomical vantage point) hence, anything you do may indeed need to be REDONE when Mercury goes Direct next month.

Watch those small appliances, your post lady, don’t even think of buying a car — because you will want to — AND because it will have rather obvious problems within the year. Try not to sign any official contracts, and unless you are into serial marriage — do avoid the altar.

The Sun enters Cancer (water, cardinal) at 2:07PM on 21 June. Time to do some accounting.

Finally, Uranus (that planet of the unexpected, astrology, computers, inventions, and all) goes Retrograde at 10:43 AM EST on 23 June. Uranus is not what Astrologers deem a ‘personal planet.’ Its transits are more social and last for several years in one sign; therefore, it is most significant if it triggers one of your personal points.

In this case, the SR (Stationary Retrograde) occurs at 18 degrees of PISCES and 41 seconds of arc. AKA, if you were born on March 9 (that would place the degree of your sun sign at 18 degrees of Pisces) pay attention. Random stuff will start to pop. This would apply to all mutable sign personal points—Gemini, Sagittarius, and Virgo as well, at 18 degrees. Love tha Uranian Astrology. (For more details on the joys and sheer mathematical frustrations using a 90 degree dial, research the works of Penny Bertucelli of Weston, Florida who teaches the Hamburg School philosophy).

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