Starstyle, July 2007

…because a gal can’t live on threads alone…..heh, heh.

July Transits. (otherwise know as ‘How all that stellar space junk affects you.’) Personally, I’m waiting for the Iconis satellite to zero in on my non St. Augustine lawn to facilitate hate mail from my Home Owner’s Association.

July begins with the sun at 9 degrees of Cancer. Mercury retrograde (16 June-9 July 10:18PM assuming that your clock radio still works) and bringing with it all the joys of lost mail, car mishaps and broken appliances that are generally better left unrepaired until it corrects.

Thanks to the advent of pop astrology, most people are vaguely aware of this particular ‘retrograde’ which occurs several times a year. The rule of thumb is that whatever is done in this cycle will not stick or need to be repeated. It’s a good time to edit works you’ve done rather than initiate new. Also not the best period for that splurge on a big ticket item…unless you live to return things, since it will never quite work out.

Coincidentally, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (whatever it is…) are also Retrograde this month. Generally as these are not personal planets (they remain in one sign much too long to signify a personal trait other than via contact to other personal points in your natal chart) but can trigger some other dynamics that you might prefer remain dormant. Jupiter — the planet of luck and travel (and…’Here comes the Judge’) is in Sagittarius this month at 11/10 (remember, it’s backing out of the drive way here) so all the December 8/9 babies may be adding to their families, finishing up court cases and hitting the road. Just don’t check your luggage since Mercury’s influence may stack the deck so that it winds up in Karachi. (And, hopefully, you won’t, but as a Sag, you love adventure — aka—‘everything happens for a reason’—Send me a postcard from Pakistan.)

Uranus — the planet that rules groups, associations, astrology, technology and computers — is still retrograde in Pisces. Again, most of you March 4,5,6 readers have had a tsunami of change in your life (which is okay as long as it stays off your shoe collection — you can deny that footwear fetish all you want, but I know you have one).

Neptune, that planet which governs illusion and delusion, is hovering at 21 degrees of Aquarius, bringing a touchy-feelier kind of love to those with Venus placement at 20, 21, 22 of that sign (Yes, 純一郎, that means you). Not usually the warmest, snuggliest game in town.

Pluto (moving with the speed of sap rollin’ down a tree) is still at 27/28 Sagittarius. This brings quasi unpleasant realities to those born 18, 19, 20, and 21 December. Keep the faith, there’s a trifecta with your name on it when this L-O-N-G cycle FINALLY disperses. Likewise, those with their Lunar position at the afore-cited degrees might also feel a bit less footloose and fancy free than their normal condition of existence. They hate that; it’s like putting them in a box.

All this Cancerian ‘fun’ (yeah, I do love this sign, can you tell) continues until paydirt is hit on 23 July and Leo enters stage centre. I’m applauding already.

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