Strawberry Shortcake Coffee

Good Morning.

For me, nothing says “morning” like a helping of 1400 calorie dessert.

Strawberry Shortcake, Crepes Suzette, Bananas Foster.

Something requiring time and preparation through the night—

Dunkin Donuts has the Answer
(of course, since they’ve teamed up with Baskin Robbins, one would expect an offering of…uh….31 flavours of ice cream?) NO!

Dunkin Donuts Strawberry Shortcake coffee

It’s Strawberry Shortcake Coffee.

Save time…WOW….new proposed flavors:

Bacon and Egg Kona Coffee
French Toast and Sausage Columbian Coffee

The above is, of course, their less exciting ‘breakfast only’ fare.
To their ‘Main Line’–

Baked Alaska DeCaf and
Raspberry Linzer Torten Expresso Blend

all coming to a discounted bin at your neighborhood supermarket faster than you can say, ‘how am i supposed to sell this crap???…add expletives as uttered by supermarket manager…..

Kind of makes me hanker for a jar of Taster’s Choice.

ta da: Dun

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