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Anitra Brown.

Anitra Brown Spa

Why does this appear in my “in” box.

Can I opt out if I have a violent death?

….and, what are the alternatives if you don’t want to spend all your vacation money ‘partying down’ (or ’spa-ing up) with a basket case?

Maybe she needs a better editor. Or a new prescription.

If you want to capture someone’s attention……whisper?

If you want to capture someone’s attention……whisper?
(Frankly, I think bullhorns work pretty well…..)

So, we have the ‘Horse Whisperer‘– an acclaimed book by Nicolas Evans and a follow up film release in 1998 both directed and starred in by Robert Redford.

Next–we have the dog whisperer…..Cesar Millan. Mr. Millan is a Mexican born American who taught himself the art of communicating effectively with dogs—inspiring a wide fan base of clients as well as viewers of his reality series: ‘The Dog Whisperer.’

……And now,
Okay, I don’t text and drive. Sometimes I zone out at the red light and think—”gee, I wonder if I would really have to work out for two hours if I drank a Medium Wendy’s Frosty” (which, of course, I did—-drink it, not exercise…..sigh).
and Voila.

plumbing truck in traffic

I had to search the contents of my LV Noe for my camera to freeze this moment of advertising—- (and girlfriends, you know how much junk you can pack in that drawstring tote…..)

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

plumbing truck slogan

Somehow I don’t see Bob Redford directing any of the bathroom scenes for Sundance.
My guess is that Cesar is pretty busy, too.

I Love to FIKA

—and I would definitely love to FIKA with Johan (actor John Prescott)…and sure, you may think of him as #206720…., but I think of him as my CoffeeMate. (Aren’t you glad that I didn’t say Coffee Creamer….oops, couldn’t resist.)

Johan is ‘TAXI’s’ creative embodiment of all that is Swedish Coffee: Gevalia. Or more to the point–all that the Canadian based Agency hopes will appeal to their targeted consumer group–not surprisingly, women aged 35-45. Gotta love us MILFS.

We drink a lot of coffee. And Johan knows what We Like.

Taxi thinks we should buy Gevalia INSTEAD of Starbucks Instant at the supermarket.

Gevalia is the largest coffee roastery in Scandinavia.

It is also a wholly owned subsidiary of Kraft Foods producing more than 40 different varieties of coffee and tea.

Enter Johan.
…unlike Starbucks, based in Seattle, Gevalia is vying for a different image.
After all, Johan doesn’t have tattoos or a piercing (in sight…or is that insight?…could even be on site).

He has No Weird Ear Grommets (well, weird per my demographic, thank you) large enough to shove a coffee spoon inside….no plaid shirts.
Nothing ‘Smells like Team Spirit,’ (or Wet Gym Socks).

And Hey STARBUCKS: what IS with the ‘Aquariuan/Piscean’ Starbucks Green/White logo “Maiden” anyway?
She looks three cups short of Medusa.

In the past, Gevalia coffee was only available for home delivery.
I hope that’s still an option.

välkomna älskling

….of course….some of us enjoy a darker—even perhaps more full bodied, bigger, thicker FIKA

(banned in Sweden)

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