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Spa(m) Anitra Brown. Why does this appear in my “in” box. Can I opt out if

If you want to capture someone’s attention……whisper?

If you want to capture someone’s attention……whisper? (Frankly, I think bullhorns work pretty well…..) So, we

I Love to FIKA

—and I would definitely love to FIKA with Johan (actor John Prescott)…and sure, you may think


Wow, a wave of advertising with sponsors I recognize from the ’80’s. That must mean that

Japan Power of Harmony

Okay, admittedly, I am a gaijin (surprise)—-but, hey, they are broadcasting this promotion in the USA.


What a Manly Man this….. Who is he? I dunno (I don’t care) Let’s get all

Fountainbleau Hotel aka FOUNTAINBLOW?

So, like….are they advertising ‘going TO the GYM’ or Going TO ‘The JIM’?

Bed-in for Peace?

Bed-in for Peace? aka…should have bought that Sleep Number mattress Dateline: August 2011: Mondrian Hotel, Los

I love watching my neighbours watch TV…

Finally, a commercial that I look forward to seeing— Thank You, ALLY BANK These ads are

Pack your Chute?

Well, according to Net-A-Porter (and I actually went to their London office several years back and