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McQueen Runway Bootie!

Per the YYC ‘Shoe Guru” Eddie Curtis at Bergdorf Goodman (Call him! he does more than just shoes….212-872-8940…which in this case is a good thing….)

McQueen Runway BootPhoto: Eddie Curtis, BDG

Okay, this looks more like a vase than a boot.

Yeah, it’s missing glass….and looks improbable—but, it looks pretty improbable as a shoe/boot, too.

Well, I think whoever the misogynist at McQueen is that conjured up this demonic design SHOULD be laced into a pair of them and forced to walk…oh, I’ll be kind.. ONE HOUR and two flights of stairs as penance. (Just wait until you see “his” next collection of flat, sensible shoes with arch support that will debut for Fall.)

Enough said.

Lanvin platform wedges

Lanvin — Hiver ‘10. This is decidedly one look that I’m not quite able to fathom.

Lanvin platform wedges with 6Photo: Eddie Curtis

I think I shall affectionately refer to this as: ‘The Lurch Shoe’ —-something you would get if you crossed Dana Carvey’s ‘Church Lady’ orthopedic footwear with a version of the structured bootie that Ted Cassidy wore as his butler character for the Addams’ Family, LURCH.

They’re Creepy and Kooky alright.

I see the shoes with Alexander McQueen’s vanilla silk Column Dress.
(If he wasn’t ALREADY DEAD, that would Kill Him.)
Actually, I see them on sale at the end of November, so spend those pennies on something else.

Alexander McQueen dress Net-a-PorterPhoto courtesy of Net-a-porter.

Fashion Shockwaves! (The epi centre is somewhere near a Haagen Daz near YOU)

Saks Fifth Avenue is on the verge of becoming the only major retailer to carry PLUS-Sized Chanel…..
and Dolce & Gabbana, as well as Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Fendi and Roberto Cavalli.

Stock will reach size 14 across the board, and in some cases—depending on the brand—will go up to a size 20.
Formerly, the store would stock only up to a size 10/12.

OMG. Throw out the Nutrisystem and let’s get some real vittles.

Karl Must be fanning himself frantically as I type. This must be some kind of nightmare for M. Lagerfield—envisioning
his silk frappe wound across a dimpled thigh.

Quick, someone** find him a vintage to uncork–just to take some of
the edge off as he bites a corner off his daily ration of melba toast.

Coming very soon to the SFA New York flagship.

Don’t wait for a sale—no stampede jokes—just, frankly, the buyers
are only ordering about one of each larger size to test market.
I doubt—all kidding aside—that anything will last until markdown.

Good news: If they do sell (and we know they will) chances are very
good that they will be branching into other Saks near you!

(with a body and face like David Gandy–and NO SHIRT—others need not
apply even in dire medical emergencies)

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