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More on Tokyo Midtown

More on Tokyo Midtown. Via Bus Stop (this was our first visit to their boutique and

Oxygene, Bal Harbour

What if Lucien Pellat Finet and Mohammed Al Fayed had a child? Well, while it would

McQueen Novak with Swarovski crystals

Alexander McQ puts those ruby slippers to shame…aka, Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore. In fact,

Hu’s Shoes, Should be YOUR Shoes

Hu’s Shoes, SHOULD BE YOUR SHOES…. Wow, what a little gem box of bootie tucked on

Pirate Couture –not too much Juicy about it…

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum (drink the rum first, you’ll need it when

Cherry Picks for December Part 2

Karl’s confection-like Lesage jackets for CHANEL Resort ‘07 —nothing like blowing the budget in one fell

Mouret for the Gap to benefit AIDS

Roland Mouret, who walked out on HIS signature line at the end of last season —

whats brewing at McQueen

click to enlarge Long Live MyQueen. Looks like Samsonite has done a hat trick with Alex.

Love McQueen

Love McQueen’s plaid aka tartan—skirts. But, before you take off your ‘Kit,’ catch a look at