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Kim Jong Il

Kim Jong Il (16 February 1941 – 17 December 2011)

Today is the birthday of Aquarian (and former Supreme Leader and overall Grand Poobah of the starving nation of North Korea) Kim Jong Il.

I can’t say that I miss him. (and his son has a bad haircut)

Big Birthday Blowout Bonsella?

Fandango, Part Two: Twist and Shout -- Happy Birthday Bonsella!Fandango, Part 2: Twist and Shout

We wish you a happy year filled with prosperity, adventure, and good health.
S-m-o-o-c-h (yyc)
P.S. Meet you under the pistachio tree!

In Love with A Gem?

From yumyum’s mailbag (designer, of course):

Hi yyc,
I know you do that astrology stuff, I want to know what chance I might have with a guy whose
{sic} a Gemini. I’m a Sag and I think that means we’re opposites. He’s really adorable. Sort of Long, Lean, Blond, uh, anyway, what do you think I could do to reel the boy in?

In Love with A Gem?
Good Luck, they’re all in the Rough (sort of a la Tiger Woods.)

You need a light touch girlfriends, anything too overt will cause this one to start loading his backpack, briefcase (where he may actually have his, well, briefs), lunch box. Whatever. He’s skittish. He does friendship better than relationship. He likes the concept, but it’s a lot of follow up and well, you know, after the deed is done he wants to be also. It’s only fair, you did have a solid ten minutes (we hope) of his undivided attention. Only Spiderman 3 got more.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) actually stands the best chance (especially if marked in Libra or Aquarius) since even if you wanted to nail him you’re just too freaking busy to get around to it.) He’ll groove to that mood. The Libra has the intellect he likes and the femininity that reminds him that he is a guy. The Aquarian can help him get some of those stations he hasn’t signed up for (it’s not about the money, it’s about the time, kids) sigh.

Learn to text message. In fact, that could be the way you exchange vows. Praise the fact that he’s wearing one blue sock and black. Hey, it’s a fashion statement. Learn to adore Cup O Noodles or Drive Through cuisine. Oh, and remember he’s a pathological liar, it’ll save you time.

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