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Penny Bertucelli, Uranian Astrologer Extraordinaire!

Ms. Bertucelli is the author of several books on the Uranian Method of Astrology (Planetary Pictures).

The Year of the Ox

January 26th 2009 heralds in the Year of the Ox……. (Heed ‘this’ o Ye born in

Happy Birthday, Virgo

Happy Birthday, Virgo. There is a DASH of “Felix Unger” to Virgo that I’ve never personally

In Love with A Gem?

From yumyum’s mailbag (designer, of course): Hi yyc, I know you do that astrology stuff, I

Gemini Starstyle

Paging Gemini……oh well……. One of the more quixotic (and neurotic) signs of the zodiac, Gemini doesn’t

Taurus Starstyle

Taurus Starstyle April 18-May 20. Okay, just try to persuade this bunch to make a move

Capricorn Starstyle

Back to Business. No really. The Natives of this sign are hard wired to succeed. At

YYC’s Favourite Sags

I guess this is how I know my moon is in Sag. There seems to be


Hp U cn rd THIS: YeeeGads, no time 2 rite. Sag is usually bsy. Strted 22/11–goes

October Transits–or, sorry my dog ate my homework

October Transits–or, sorry my dog ate my homework. It didn’t work when I was in fifth