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Penny Bertucelli, Uranian Astrologer Extraordinaire!

Ms. Bertucelli is the author of several books on the Uranian Method of Astrology (Planetary Pictures). She is credited with being one of the foremost experts on the topic in the world today and YYC had the unparalleled opportunity to meet with Ms. B. and get some of her insights on the world today (the Hades/Kronos/Aries axis pictures are depressingly descriptive at this time) as well as on some personal tidbits to help yumyum and gang not run ashore onto the rocks amidst the Japanese catastrophes du jour.

with Penny Bertucelli, Uranian Astrologer

Ms. Bertucelli (Penelope Publications) will be releasing a copy of the ‘Bible’ of Uranian combinations—a ‘cookbook’ of all sorts of definitive patterns for forecasting with the use of both conventional and hypothetical planets. This resource will be far more elaborate and much more detailed than the general patterns set forth in Reinhold Ebertin’s Combination of Stellar Influences and the basic concepts of Alfred Witte’s Rules for Planetary Pictures both of which are considered fundamental texts required for any student of this form of astrology. (Both Witte and Ebertin are published and available through Penelope Publications as translated from their original German text.) We were in awe of the body of work that Ms. Bertucelli compiled–hundreds of pages representative of virtually all manner of situation and timing formulas. While the date of publication is not yet set (and her own perfectionism aside) we anticipate a release within the year.
Do, DO STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!

For those unfamiliar with Uranian Astrology, it is a technique with a very unique system which focuses on precision of timing and EXACT orbs of degree within chart comparisons (no groovy six degree trines in this camp, dude). This method can accurately pinpoint events and identify the ‘red light/green light’ time to best utilize any period or event in question.

Ironically, the symbol for the 90 degree dial used by Uranian astrologers is inherited from The Hamburg School and is ‘coincidentally’ (SURPRISE) the Logo for Mercedes Benz. Don’t you love life’s Ironies?

The Uranian School of Astrology also features ‘Transneptunian Planets’ or hypothetical, mathematical points which have proven to illuminate tangible events worthy of note for any individual to best contemplate and plot their next move in any given circumstance. The beauty of the specificity is that it leaves little room for “creative” (read that: sloppy) workmanship. You know the stuff, or you don’t. Results are to the day/degree so one eliminates the random ‘fortune cookie’ action you get from side show astrologers or people who just happen to have a function on their computer that can calculate something (i.e. instant astrologers)…..I mean, would you really trust your surgery to a “doctor” who took an online medical course and wanted to try his hand at a kidney transplant because it looked pretty do-able on the web?……well, I wouldn’t.

And, I HAVEN’T. Yumyumcherry has had the honour and privilege of being a client of Ms. B.’s for the past twenty years. (That’s a lot of Chanel and airline tickets……THANK YOU PENNY!!) Ms. Bertucelli has been guiding some of the most prominent names in Florida and national political arenas—and in entertainment and commerce—for years. She well deserves her reputation and it was an honour to share some time (and great coffee!!!) plotting to evade Saturn by Solar Arc and all that jazz that makes life …..’a learning experience’ (read that: ‘YUCK’).

Penelope Publications
937 Crestview Circle
Weston, FL 33327-1848

Phone: (954) 349-0141

Many Thanks and lots of Cupido/Jupiter transits Penny.
We’re missing a Capricorn, but Penny, Chris and I have the Cardinal Stuff well covered.


Your Fans at Yumyumcherry

The Year of the Ox

January 26th 2009 heralds in the Year of the Ox…….
(Heed ‘this’ o Ye born in 1961 or 1985……)
It is an Earth year as well as that of the Chinese Astrological sign of the Ox.
That means…..I have too many of these people in my life….

Year of the Ox greeting cards - stationary store in Roppongi

That aside…Oxen are conscientious workers, dependable and steadfast.
Not party fare? Try co-habitating with a metal rat for a few weeks.
These are probably the only ones who can exit from the other end of that holiday on wheels.
You see…..while they seem to be a bit stodgy…in actuality they require a partner that can rattle their
cage a bit….so it seems.

You’ll be handing out brochures at major hubs (Ask me how many copies of the Bhagavad Gita I got stuck with) ….Oh, where is George Harrison when I need him.
and, YEAH…..My Guitar Gently Weeps…..’Sometimes’…….


Better late than never (and trust me, that’s a true Sag motto)…..November 22 - December 20.

These Sagittarius natives have too many people in line for their sage wisdom (none of which they take themselves). Known for their keen wit and ‘horse sense,’ they have an uncanny sense of timing. Most especially with lotto, daily doubles and yes, even slot machines.

Ruled by Jupiter, these expansive individuals travel the globe–in their mind IF not literally. Restless for knowledge, they have an innate belief that everything happens for a reason.

Lucien heading out the door

Of course, they must have wheels. Sag can’t be stuck in one place or Cabin Fever erupts with a vengeance. ‘It’s hard to hit a moving target’ is their motto and it’s served them well.

Philosophical, they view life as sets of learning experiences that they will share with you until you duct tape their mouths shut. Go for it. They are athletic and never shy away from championing a cause or underdog. Sagitarrians can be judgmental and often things blurt uncensored from their mouths (insert foot here), but they mean well and the intent usually spares them that karate chop they deserve.

Minor health issues may crop up for these individuals in the early months of 2009–but should subside by the second quarter of the year with proper attention.

YYC’s Fave Sags:

Lucien S-P (November 29)
Jaden Nakata (November 22)
Minnie Aleene (December 17)
Grace C. (December 8 )
Norman Summers (November 29)
Britney Spears (you go, Girlfriend)
Bob Dodson (the man, not the cat)
Laurence Moens
Gianni Versace (December 2)
Uncle George (November 22)
Max Baer aka ‘Jethro’ (December 4)
Steve Buscemi (December 13)

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