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Ah, Jamin “Puech”

Ah, Jamin “Puech”….such a lyrical name. Sort of like those Polish Bismarck delicacies that are about

“Excellent Choice, Madame”

True Fabrications is putting a whole new spin on drinking booze out of a paper bag!

Toys In Babeland

Gotta admit that while I am a die hard Paisley fan (and no one does Paisley

Not your Grannie’s vintage needlepoint FENDI….

oh, and not the DIY FENDI (OH NO!!!!) ….and, for what it’s worth—NO, you Don’t want

Reed Krakoff

photo: Reed Krakoff This took me a while to fathom. Epiphany — Reed Krakoff=Coach. Gotta love

Lady Dior–Cherubs galore

Something about this lovely Rose Clair Lady Dior—They call it Large, but I beg to differ,

Three month waiting list for canvas tote

Sort of along the lines of: ‘My other car is a Porsche’… appears that a canvas

IT’S HERE………..Chanel Fall 2010

Neiman Marcus’ flyer advertising what could be considered a cross between Madame Butterfly and a problem

McQueen bag in black

Of course, for a modified and slightly less trendy version, the motorcycle jacket bag is also

Hound of the Baskervilles

Having an optically challenged Autumn? After a few rounds of Fall fashion, I’m feeling like someone