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The Emerald City

Wizards Aside—-Pantone’s Colour of the Year is indeed: E M E R A L D I

Samatha Brick–”beautiful” (so we are told) AND VERY, VERY MODEST INDEED

Quote: ‘ten out of ten men at a dinner party would find her attractive, as she

Karuna hydrating treatment masks

No, It’s not the reMake of ‘Halloween’ and THIS IS NOT A HOCKEY MASK. kaboom. No,

Tom Ford Beauty

Can’t afford that entry level pair of sunglasses just yet? Still want to enjoy a slice


It’s ‘Sunburst Betty’….not sure how that name evolved… Maybe there is Fuchsia Fran, Lavender Liz, Silver

Fail Safe Grooming

When in doubt, don’t. That means that tattoo of a zodiac crab splayed across your lower

Jen & Bob

Well, in a world a flush with Libyan No Fly Zones and Japanese Nuclear and Natural

“It Girl”…as opposed to “That Girl” (or how ’bout “Hey YOU”)

Sally Hansen (I remember her from the ‘Hard As Nails’ fingernail fortifying polish days—though now she

THREE Cosmetics by Aya Furumura

Seibu ‘Departo’ (see, now you’re speaking Japanese!) is now featuring a line that we have yet

Kracked and Knackered

Kracked and Knackered. (ooops, I’m just tired, I meant ‘Lacquer-ed’) Well, a trend is a trend