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How Opaque is my Valley?

Iris? Not as in the colour….more like surrounding your retina. Okay. Forget Ophthalmology — welcome to

Stray Arrows or How they Discontinued My ‘Cupid’s Bow’ Lip Shaper

Benefit Cupid’s Bow Dual Lipliner Set** (**including worthless smudge tool) Naturally (and primarily, I’m convinced) due

Tempting Skin? Try Temptu

Okay, admittedly…I’m an airbrush fanatic. Add to that fact, I have a substantial addiction to cosmetic

Pastel Posse

Yes, Hillary, in my case (or that of my hair) it DOES take a Village. I

Minx nail coverings

Minx nail coverings. Think ‘press on linoleum for your fingernails’…… Okay, the idea is trendy and

Just Say NO!! (NO!!) to No!No!

Okay, so I thought….$150 vs. $499 (NOT $500—what a relief–Thank you Madison Avenue)…….I mean, how HAIRY

Trend: Permanent Eyelashes*

EVER Want those luxe ‘Bambi-esque’ eyelashes that only young deer and little boys seem to possess

Frédéric Fekkai Hair Color

Frédéric? I guess one is to infer that Mr. Fekkai is suggesting we do our own

Moroccan Oil

Rock the Casbah. Or at the Very least Shampoo it. Just discovered this wonderful product that

Tanning in Tokyo

Good Luck (Gambatte) finding a bronzer in Tokyo. Seriously. I look as white as a dead