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Penny Bertucelli, Uranian Astrologer Extraordinaire!

Ms. Bertucelli is the author of several books on the Uranian Method of Astrology (Planetary Pictures).

Pat the Husband

(No, not as in SNL’s “It’s Pat”) This is a Parody (can you say that children?)

Fun with Hiragana

WELCOME TO FUN WITH HIRAGANA**** ummmm, *****It’s not. Fun with Hiragana by Gomi Taro

Full Blown Lunches

Ah, Lunch Time. Need a Break? Snack? Behold: recipes for Full Blown Lunches (Furr Broen Runches)

“Bridge and Tunnel” by Hennessy

To our minds, Hennessy is to Jersey what Sandburg is to Chicago. The bite is real.

Book Assortment for Travel

So you have 15 hours to kill, you’ve seen all the movies that rotate for the

Cherry Picks for June 2007

Chanel’s Long Cool Woman in a Black Jacket from PreFall ’07-luxe jersey tailored to hide what