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Sadly, Wonder(s) do cease

Wow–84 years of Hostess Brands.

(Good news for my Pancreas and Hips)

I guess the reality of the company’s Labor (and Bakery Delivery) woes didn’t register with me until I hit the Hostess Thrift Bakery.

Wonder Bakery Thriftshop

The shelves were Bare. They were selling off pallets of ‘donettes’—those small chocolate coated or powdered rings that take four years to digest (just eat the cellophane package, too… really doesn’t matter).

Not a Twinkie, Cupcake (unless we count the ‘orange’ variety…..and I’m not) or loaf of white ENRICHED bread in sight. Oh yeah, there were some Zinger’s (Dolly Madison Bakery acquired by the former Baking Giant but marketed under their original name)—but, that’s not the same.

Hostess treats

Not that that stopped me from buying them………….(what’s next? Little Debbie?)

The strike against Hostess Brands led by its labor union in November crippled the Brand leading to its demise.

Down the Drain–Of course, on November 29 a federal bankruptcy judge finalized the liquidation of Hostess with a provision for a 1.75 MILLION bonus to be dispersed to basically 19 company Executives with the provision of managing the Company’s wind down.

Hopefully those well compensated ‘Ding Dongs’ are more skilled at that task than they have demonstrated with their combined business and labor acumen.

Of note: Greg Rayburn-CEO–did rule out a bonus for himself. I’m not too worried.

1.75 Million represents a LOT of cream filling. Ho Ho indeed.

Okay, so I prefer to shell out for Chanel rather than my secret addiction to Ho Hos.

Without revealing my prehistoric past, I will admit that I purchased Twinkies (while in my mother’s womb, of course) in the late ’60’s for 12 Cents a pack.

Raf Simons tapped to replace John Galliano as Creative Director at Dior

I’m not sure why, but when I hear “Raf Simons” I think: DEF Comedy Jam—no, that’s Russell Simmons.
(Let’s pause for a moment to envision Kimora married to Raf–now THAT would be worth watching on TV)
Frankly either could be interchangeable to me, after all….the selection seems a bit of a travesty.

Galliano is synonymous with bias cut silks, those annoying 415 small button loop closures that encase his side zipper feature, the feminine draped neck and wisps of silk harkening to earlier days of fashion. You know, when women wore dresses and could legitimately blush about something…. Gone.

Simons (not Simmons….) is known for his work at Jil Sander. Minimalistic fashion, new textures and straightforward designs.

This is not the stuff of sugar plum faeries, Rapunzel, Knights in Shining Armour–it is a men’s sartorial focus–NO NONSENSE tailoring- (crafted with excellent “goods,” of course). His work is straightforward, typically ‘Belgian’ in aesthetic, but it is NOT the stuff of Christian Dior.

It’s like the ‘Mustang’ when Ford tried to keep the name, but turn it into a family car. Some things are what they are (and NOT what they are NOT).

Even master John Galliano himself attempted to stray from the core that WAS the House of Dior.

He got all ‘Def Comedy Jam’ on our butts for a few seasons–bringing in tag art, logo denim, handbags that resembled license plates–but John returned to the iconic ‘New Look Glamour’ that put the Brand front row centre after sales reflected a conclusive slip in revenue and popularity.

Mr. Galliano revived the silks and chiffons and ousted the funk and denim that he had peppered Dior with—returning to better sales and dare we say: ‘Lady-like’ dressing.

Apparently Simons had met with Marc Jacobs as sister company in the LVMH (Moet, Hennessy, Louis Vuitton) dynasty to head Louis Vuitton. Sister company, Celine, is currently headed by Phoebe Philo. Minimalism at its best? We’ll see.

Fashion is a business and one might suppose that this is reflecting a more no nonsense woman going forth in 2013. Maybe we should just fast forward and start shopping Tom Ford’s Men’s Line. Why even bother with these interim steps. Art imitating life. I’m sure that we can expect to see men wearing more florid pastels and with lace treatment–after all men need to ‘feel pretty, too’.


AKA….The continuing saga of eBay.

red Escada lace blouse

For the record, this blouse was $1,230.00 NEW. It was sold NWT (the lingo for eBay–New With Tag—we’re all about educating the consumer here….).

Okay, so we all make fashion mistakes and some are more costly than others.

That said, I’m not arm wrestling my sales woman at Saks over whether she lied when she claimed I looked “okay” in it.

Enough said.

Somehow, I don’t think pa******* aka–our heroine (or Ms. Meth as I think of her, in all the charm to which that ascribes):

a) is really a business woman

b) has a satisfying sex life

c) is really a size 38 in ANYTHING other than her imagination.

You know even I couldn’t MAKE THIS STUFF UP.


tra la la. I’d like to sing this to either Sheryl Crowe: ‘A change would do you good’ OR the Beatles ‘Obladi obla da.’ (and I am Desmond with the barrow in the marketplace)

“She*” writes: *jury is still out on that one, kids…..

Hi I paid $7.50 for shipping and the item shipped for $7.05 which is .45, I would like a refund. The top is very scratchy and not true to size. its very small, like an extra small. thanks T*****


To: pa********

Subject: Re: Other: pa*******sent a message about Jolly RED Excada Lace Overlay Blouse with inset Red Camisole and Satin Cuff Belt #180*******

Sent Date: Jan-30-12 11:18:03 PST

Dear pa*******,

Hi Ms. T****,

I apologise for the scratchiness of the blouse that you bought. I don’t wear Escada and try to present the articles as they are in front of me and the camera.

I supply all measurements requested before purchase, many of our clients are familiar with the line and each collection produced, that helps a great deal.

I apologise that the postage was off by $.45. I am going to have to request that from our bookkeeper, but for the time being, I suggest that you consider that a handling charge.

If you shop with us in the future, please remind me and I will subtract it on your next purchase.

Good luck and enjoy your blouse, it was worth well more than the amount you paid for it, I’m sure you look lovely in it.

Cl*****of H*****


You cannot charge the customer handling fees at all..its in the disclosure of Ebay, you may want to read it, lots of people are way over charging on shipping, I cannot wear the blouse, its way to scratchy, but I will figure out something but I do want my shipping of .45 back, I am running a business as well as you and every penny counts, so I expect the amount of .45 in an invoice because this is my money. You are the seller, you are responsible for handling fees, etc, not the customer. Thank you and have a pleasant afternoon yourself. I liked the way you packaged it up though, too bad I can’t wear it, but sometimes that happens. Thank you.

- pa******

Dear “T****,”

Thank you for your email. Well, not really…….

By now, You should be in possession of the cherished 46 cents of which you feel swindled.

I can only imagine how you must rankle at the grocery store or gas station—good luck at both.

I have paid you out of my pocket because frankly that half dollar seems far more dear to you in the scheme of things than it is to me.

I congratulate you, however, as it appears that you feel well versed on the ‘ebay code’—albeit ebay does modify it frequently—(shame on me)–and I have yet to check your work.

However, I hope that all your pennies are adding up nicely to a happy, cozy retirement ahead.

For my part–ON THE RECORD, and I am not speaking for H***************:

I HEARTILY suggest that you do not practice this pet philosophy of yours with “friends” and “family” (assuming that you still have EITHER) or they may find you are a bit Peevish–or–perhaps they have become accustomed to your manners (or lack thereof) and it is not an issue.

You must have very interesting debates at lunch over who ordered the iced tea refill. I’ll wait for the movie.

Good day to you.

P.S. I hope that the tissue is salvageable and that you will be able to use it again.

I, of course, wanted to add: P.P.S.–’You’re BLOCKED’…..instead, sent her an e-check for 45cents.

and she IS.


From: pa****
To: h*********
Subject: Re: Other: pa*** sent a message …
Sent Date: Jan-30-12 20:00:23 PST

Dear h*****,

That is not very nice of you to speak to me like that. I am not working and yes .45 cents does mean something to me. No I don’t have to justify my reasoning of why I need the money, but you don’t have to be condescending. Yes, I am counting pennies, the economy is bad and I shouldn’t be over-charged for shipping if the item shipped for a cheaper price. If you only knew how many people have taken me for shipping…and it’s my money and I can’t afford to lose money right now. Also I never said that someone swindled me out my money. I am sure it was because they went by a price on Ebay and then the shipping at the P.O was a different price, so I am sure they didn’t do this to take my money, that it was an estimated charge but they should automatically refund the difference to the customer, without the customer asking…I was only trying to get what is owed back to me, because I know that as a seller, I cannot overcharge my customers on shipping. I am a honest person and I was only asking was what is owed to me…Your comments are unjustifiable and very resentful. Yes I am precise in checking my work and you do not need to make negative comments about how I do my work. The other person that I spoke to was very nice and I am sure that a negative feedback isn’t a good thing, but when sellers leave nasty comments like you have to me, then maybe possibly in the future you should refrain from making nasty comments to your customers, if you want positive feedback…Do you honesty think with the negative comments and statements that you made to me as a person, that I would allow you to speak to me like that? Please hold your comments, because you should never speak to a customer in a negative condescending way…I am not happy about the sale…and I will never do business with your company again because of the way you treated me as a customer and I have friends that buy on Ebay and I will make them aware…Your paper is not salvageable, neither is your unprofessional attitude.

- pa****

Ms. T***,

I am speaking for myself and not the company that I work for–

I can only imagine how many complaint letters you must write to various restaurants, stores, companies.. About quality. About service. About Value.
Little Mary Sunshine.

I am as entitled to my opinions about petty behavior as you are about your right to be indignant and feel slighted.

And I’m sure you feel pretty good about yourself most of the time–honest and upstanding lady that you are.

As for your “friends”—
Personally, I find it hard to imagine that you have many with a what you have displayed as prickly, self righteous opinions.
–but enjoy those you imagine you have with your 45 cent refund.

and that is my 2 cents worth.

bye. C*** S***

- h********

Dear h*******,

You should not belittle me because I expect you to follow Ebay policy. I don’t care about your shrewd comments. I have never written a letter to a company, Restauarant or store. This is totally inappropiate behavior and you will not get away with this. I don’t care who you are and it shows your character in your writing. You should never speak to a customer like you have to me. Please do not reply to my email, I am sick of you judging me with your condescending nonsense. You have no clue of what you are talking about. You are entitled to your opinion, but not with customers on Ebay, that is very bad business etiquette and it makes Ebay look bad for business having a seller like you speak to a customer in such a condescending way…its horrible and you should never act like this if you have a business. What makes you treat people in such an unkind way??? Maybe you should take some business etiquette classes so you can improve on your customer skills with people that have done business with you, because I feel that I didn’t deserve to be talked to like you talked to me. You do not know me and your accusations about me are not true and I don’t appreciate being ridiculed for asking you to follow a simple policy of Ebay, its not the money here that counts, its the honesty on your part that shows no intergrity….Please with hold your comments if you can’t be a nice person. thanks but
no thanks…

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