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Sakura American Style

Sakura American Style-100 years worth of hanami in America.

Cherry Blossoms galore, the Annual festival in Washington runs from March 20-April 27. Those “sakura” blossoms are popping all around the DC Basin area courtesy of a mild winter.

yumyumcherry blossoms, of course


Just Cherries

They should have used La Mer.

The company started with “Just Tomatoes” in 1985.
I prefer their “Just Veggies”
(sort of ‘Space Food Sticks’ for Rabbits….Usagi)

2.5 oz dried = 1.5 lbs fresh
You can eat your week’s worth of calories in one convenient Tub.
I think I’ll pass.

Sakura Mayhem

OH NO!!! Sakura Mayhem.

Apparently, if you are one of the Cherry Blossom Viewing Enthusiasts—well, you’re now on your own. Which is not to say that it isn’t more enjoyable WITH a friend, but the ‘Official’ Japanese weather agency has decided to cease reporting the progress of the blossoming this year.

I do remember watching the NHK Newscasts (sorry Fuji) and each Spring seeing charts with projections of exacting when to anticipate the floral frenzy. This year yyc hit Ueno to do that hanami thing in traditional style. We are told that many companies encourage group viewing (actually, in Japan they encourage group ANYTHING….but, we won’t dwell on that in order to keep our PG rating).

jaa mate!

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