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Sakura American Style

Sakura American Style-100 years worth of hanami in America.

Cherry Blossoms galore, the Annual festival in Washington runs from March 20-April 27. Those “sakura” blossoms are popping all around the DC Basin area courtesy of a mild winter.

yumyumcherry blossoms, of course

Keep it in the Family…TABANDEH

with Tabandeh Sizdahkkhani

Tucked away like my secret stash…. the ground level of the Mazza Gallerie, DC, CLOSERTHANTHISTOCHEVYCHASE cloisters a delightful boutique literally packed with some of fashion’s best labels.

Inside Tabandeh at the Mazza Gallerie

Can’t make it to Jeffrey New York? Maxfields’ LA? Try TABANDEH .

Wonderful selection at Tabandeh

Sporting some of the hardest to procure labels for a small venue: Rick Owens, Nulle, Shelly Litvak, Stephen Webster, Nigel Preston, Jamin Puech, (and, the list goes on….) Tabandeh has a warren of treasures that seem to be constantly renewed. Such a pleasure to find this Fountain of Fashion (the one for Youth is in the Basement of the Mall of the Emirates…) outside of the major Hubs.

Designer Sahba with Karl Lagerfeld and Tabandeh

Sahba, Tabandeh’s son, is a talented designer in his own right—(see picture with Karl Lagerfeld, no less…) and is a driving force behind some of the Boutique’s couture collections.

Tabandeh wears jewelry by Samira

Samira, Tabandeh’s daughter, is the designer of GAS jewelry, L.A. –her own creations remind us of those updated tahitian pearl confections by Wu that are sold for $10K plus (pearl on a ribbon) at Maxfields. Lanvin, eat your Heart out.

Jewelry at Tabandeh

with Martine and a Nina Rosen bag at Tabandeh

TABANDEH also stocks a specialty line of bags reminiscent of Alexandra Knight in exotic skins with a stylish edge: Nina ROSEN. Nina creates a variety of custom handbags and accessories with a twist—you can afford them without consulting your private banker.

Martine and Tabandeh - Nina Rosen bag

Clothing, Jewelry, Accessories…..Tabandeh SHOULD HAVE YOUR NUMBER (if not….here’s hers: 202-244-0777–ask for Martine).

Mazza Gallerie
5300 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC 20015

Franck Muller Sakura watch

Cherry Blossom memorabilia from DC

Washington, DC is Yumyumcherry territory. Arigato Gozai Imas for the beautiful blossoms (which I am told differ tremendously in colour from those blooms in Kyoto)….We, too, enjoy the fragrance and sight of the cherry trees as they adorn the Basin and grace the vista of our Jefferson Memorial. Sort of like what a good lipstick by Kose does for me…..of course Nothing beats the SAKURA watch by Franck Muller.

Franck Muller Sakura watch

Long Island, $14,900 Sakura #17, How Could I Live Without it. Signature red crocodile strap, this was most likely intended for a guy, but hey, I reached the Counter FIRST…..Also done in the Ladies’ Long Island, more manageable for most wrists, and the Small Curvex. Would have done the Curvex IF I could have found it.

Franck Muller Sakura watch dialflip of the Franck Muller Sakura watch dialFranck Muller Sakura watch price tag

Do it in memory of Jefferson…..

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