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My Prince (Charming, of course)……

Wow, Finally A COMMITMENT FROM KEIJU. Okay girlfriends, I feel so lucky…… We got the green

Paging Daniel Henney

Paging Daniel Henney. (God, I hope that works) Yobo/say/oh Handsome. Sa rang hab ni da. Fate

And the Winner is……

No Envelope needed: Charlize Theron in Dior. Frankly, I’d be okay stopping right there—but, in the

Sacha Strikes Again

Okay, well–BELIEVE IT OR NOT–The Kazakhstan National Shooting Team received THEIR Gold medals at a ceremony

Post (OSCAR)

As I watch Natalie Portman 9+ minutes before the Oscar gig begins (and silently wish she

Frankly Franco (overachievers anonymous)

Initially I was not mesmerized by Mr. Franco’s talent. (as in ‘James…who?’) As fate would have

Move over Godzirra, It’s ‘SHARK-TO-PUS’

Brought to you by master of this genre: Roger Corman (Stanford Grad-nudge, nudge Christopher). If you’re

Film at 11:00 (or 23:00…depending upon whom you ask….)

Yumyumcherry and Ken Morita take a break from discussing filming projects in Eastern Europe over Lunch

The Namesake

Okay, admittedly I had to watch it since I wanna marry Jorma (Jorma Taccone). Primarily because

Salt vs. Inception

At the end of the day, they both offer the same existentialism. It’s just, well, I’d