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Today’s portemanteau du jour. Why not. (yeah, I’d like to riff on that for a while….)

Paging Daniel Henney

Paging Daniel Henney. (God, I hope that works) Yobo/say/oh Handsome. Sa rang hab ni da. Fate

Lays Potato Chips: Chicken Waffle Flavor!

“Do Us A Flavor” contest launched in Times Square at first-ever Lay’s brand flavor store; Contest

Greetings from the Triad–or else

For me the reward for wading through that first six plates of MSG (brought to you

Supermoist/Super Expensive cake mix

The best reason I’ve seen to diet yet. 798 Yen. $9.50 worth of Betty Crocker in

PINK’S, Los Angeles Dogs

Okay, so it’s a “Legend” in Hollywood. It even has its own Wiki page. We saw

Shin Okubo or Koreatown

Shin Okubo or Koreatown (not Zozotown: whole different vibe) Tokyo. Wow! so, you’ve decided to spice

Asian Helper

Well, well….hasn’t Betty (as in Crocker) gotten P.C. in her old age. Admittedly, I’ve whipped up

Girl Scout Cookies-Hoy!

Yeah, I saw that folding table next to the grocery store…that time of year again. ……Sure,

On Target!

Wow, so I’m checking out of the market and I get a blast from the Past