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Fashion Statement?

‘Survivor’…(no NOT the band that did the Rocky theme of the ’80’s….)
Survivor–as in Domestic Violence.

Jodi Arias Survivor T-shirt with note

I am the proud owner of a Jodi Arias-designed tee shirt to benefit those of us who have endured domestic violence.

Domestic Violence takes many shapes and forms, but the result is an almost tangible shroud that the victims must wear through the remaining relationships of their lives.

The Abuse can be Verbal.

All forms are handicapping in a specific, twisted…and personal way.

……but, Back to the TEE!!!!! (sigh)
$15.00 with free U.S. Shipping.

Mine is black and beautiful. (medium)
Groove to the purple script!

Jodi Arias Survivor T-Shirt

ONE HUNDRED percent of the proceeds are directly donated to charities involving Domestic Abuse.

—and Yes.
I believe Jodi Arias IS innocent.


Troupe or Dare

Girl Scout Cookies Dulce de Leche

They’re here…..Referring to the girl scout cookies.
(I knew I should have done my crunches) sigh
These are those seasonal treats that always lure me.
Oh Do Si Do and Thin Mint Mint Me to Smitherines.
(Pilates be Damned)
I only did this in a show of support.

First Anniversary of the Great Tohoku Earthquake

A year ago, March 11, 2011, the Great Tohoku Earthquake and subsequent Tsunami changed Japan FOREVER.

I am not Japanese, but I have made Tokyo my second home, and it will never be the same–for anyone.

Life goes on–it has to. I do not know ONE person that has not been affected in some way by the disaster.

People adjust to life in Japan now in the ways that they must because there is no alternative. They have a group culture in place that boggles my mind at times as a maverick American woman, but I have enormous respect for their willingness to personally sacrifice, their commitment to their goals, and their determination to overcome any obstacle by working together. I know we have seen that in the USA in times of Great Tribulation, but I honestly can not imagine how we would cope with the likes of what happened a year ago in Japan.

Most of the International community that could relocate-HAVE relocated. Singapore, Hong Kong…Jump Ship.

Enter the Nuclear debacle.

News about Fukushima is scarce on the ground and kaleidoscopic at best. Most people don’t realize just how close Fukushima is to Tokyo. 135 miles at best? It is the primary source of energy for one of the largest centres of commerce in the World. Global economy. Running on batteries? How? Foods are contaminated in varying degrees and the ‘acceptable’ levels of radiation seem to change with the wind. Literally.

While I may have the luxury of retreating to America and amber waves of grain–this is not the case for the Japanese people, whom I love. It is their Home, their Life, their Family, and there is NO WHERE to run. Japan is their HOME.

If you can contribute on this first anniversary of the Great Tohoku Earthquake, please consider Foreign Volunteers of Japan. It is a sincere organization and I can personally attest to the veracity and commitment of its members.

Additionally, I have witnessed so many of the true good deeds of the Rabbi Edery and his wife…the Chabad of Tokyo responded almost immediately with relief to the city of Sendai, north of Tokyo.

And say a prayer.

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