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Put this in the Hopper—–Lunar New Year has Arrived and we are now entering the ‘Year

Happy Birthday, Virgo

Happy Birthday, Virgo. There is a DASH of “Felix Unger” to Virgo that I’ve never personally

YYC’s Favourite Virgo

YYC’s Favourite Virgo… Ms. Claire Sheehan. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY–SEPTEMBER 16!!!!!!!!!!!

Taurus Starstyle

Taurus Starstyle April 18-May 20. Okay, just try to persuade this bunch to make a move

Capricorn Starstyle

Back to Business. No really. The Natives of this sign are hard wired to succeed. At

YYC’s Favourite Sags

I guess this is how I know my moon is in Sag. There seems to be


Hp U cn rd THIS: YeeeGads, no time 2 rite. Sag is usually bsy. Strted 22/11–goes

October Transits–or, sorry my dog ate my homework

October Transits–or, sorry my dog ate my homework. It didn’t work when I was in fifth

Virgo Starstyle

Happy Birthday Virgo. The sun enters this mutable, earth sign at precisely 8:08 Eastern time on

Starstyle, July 2007

…because a gal can’t live on threads alone…..heh, heh. July Transits. (otherwise know as ‘How all