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Everyone remembers their First Time….

Everyone remembers their First Time….

Hey, I got you to read this, didn’t I? Clean it up.

Hard to resist fluorescent yellow, lime and orange cheetah print pony sandals with black leather heel and piping….

Manolo Blahnik fluoresent pony sandals

My FIRST Manolo Blahniks. Ah….I remember spying these on the table at Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour (Florida) in 1994. Be still my heart. I couldn’t justify the purchase since they seemed insanely expensive (even on sale, although I did relent).

I think in retrospect, these are the kinds of articles that one SHOULD buy immediately. File it under the-’Life is too short, do you really need another pair of black slingback Pumps’ category.

Cheetah print fluorescent Manolo Blahnik pony sandals - closeup

The French say: ‘Coup de Coeur’ and roughly translated, that means heart attack (similar to the way you feel when you open the statement to pay for them). Basically, the idea is, if you really don’t love it, don’t buy it, but if you do seriously HAVE TO HAVE IT, Get it over with–and isn’t it better when they are actually still available in YOUR size???

Cabbage Leaf Manolos

leafy Blahnik for Spring 2007

Just Missed St. Paddy’s Day where I could have worn my Philip Treacy Corned Beef Hat…..
What was Manolo Thinking? Ode to Salad?

another view of these odd Manolos

Love McQueen

Love McQueen’s plaid aka tartan—skirts. But, before you take off your ‘Kit,’ catch a look at the Coordinating M. Blahnik shoes. Nothing like a good clan war with the weaves. (Are they, like, snuggling or something????)

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