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Rachel Jeantil

Rachel Jeantil. 19 years old? (vulnerable “young” girl?) as if….. (and note: not gentile) TWEET: June

If you want to capture someone’s attention……whisper?

If you want to capture someone’s attention……whisper? (Frankly, I think bullhorns work pretty well…..) So, we

Sadly, Wonder(s) do cease

Wow–84 years of Hostess Brands. (Good news for my Pancreas and Hips) I guess the reality

Under the Big Top

Brad and Angelina ENGAGED! Well, they (“brangelina”…don’t you just love that trend, merging names…yawn…started with Jennifer

Samatha Brick–”beautiful” (so we are told) AND VERY, VERY MODEST INDEED

Quote: ‘ten out of ten men at a dinner party would find her attractive, as she

Man or Kin?

Sometimes when you surf around listings online—you run across some “iffy” examples of presentation. I mean—do


Is it me or does gun slingin’ Homeowner Assasin George Zimmerman (that paranoid f*ck that killed

Japan Power of Harmony

Okay, admittedly, I am a gaijin (surprise)—-but, hey, they are broadcasting this promotion in the USA.

Post (OSCAR)

As I watch Natalie Portman 9+ minutes before the Oscar gig begins (and silently wish she


AKA….The continuing saga of eBay. For the record, this blouse was $1,230.00 NEW. It was sold