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OMEDETO!! pink Birkin 40cm

Ah, those IRONIES of Life. Behold, Fuchsia Birkin (and handsome-chan, Kyo) I had owned a Kelly

PINK’S, Los Angeles Dogs

Okay, so it’s a “Legend” in Hollywood. It even has its own Wiki page. We saw

“It Girl”…as opposed to “That Girl” (or how ’bout “Hey YOU”)

Sally Hansen (I remember her from the ‘Hard As Nails’ fingernail fortifying polish days—though now she

Lady Dior–Cherubs galore

Something about this lovely Rose Clair Lady Dior—They call it Large, but I beg to differ,

Minx nail coverings

Minx nail coverings. Think ‘press on linoleum for your fingernails’…… Okay, the idea is trendy and

In the PINK!

The Westin Tokyo is again collaborating with ‘Run For The Cure’ Tokyo— Their ‘Terrace’ restaurant will

Glitter Gel Nails

Glitter Gel Nails. Whee. Doesn’t everyone need twinkling tootsies? Just a thought. I get mine with


Fetish? How ’bout YSL’s Pink version for Spring. Not as neon as say: Chanel’s ‘Coco Pink’….but

McQueen SS 09 clothes + accessories

Ah, Alex—my love (be still my heart). First and foremost, Mr. McQueen is a tailor. He

Barbie Pink chez Louboutin

Just Call Me #219. Barbie Pink — as catalogued by Pantone — will make its debut