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In Love with A Gem?

From yumyum’s mailbag (designer, of course): Hi yyc, I know you do that astrology stuff, I

Predator & Prey

Debbie Miller (and husband Brian-she gets top billing because he’s a Sagittarius) own/operate Predator & Prey

YYC’s Favourite Sags: Qi Rong

Happy Birthday QI RONG! (pronounced ‘KEY Wrong’) December 20, 1991–Gregorian December 29, 1991–Lunar This year, I’m

YYC’s Favorite Sags: Jamie Foxx

Photo: IMDB Mr. Jamie Foxx–truly riveting performer and from what we’ve heard, EXCELLENT grandson (kudos to

YYC’s Favourite Sags

I guess this is how I know my moon is in Sag. There seems to be


Hp U cn rd THIS: YeeeGads, no time 2 rite. Sag is usually bsy. Strted 22/11–goes

Happy Birthday: Kim Basinger

Happy Birthday (December 8th): Kim Basinger (Finally, a woman with worse taste in men than me)

October Transits–or, sorry my dog ate my homework

October Transits–or, sorry my dog ate my homework. It didn’t work when I was in fifth

Starstyle, July 2007

…because a gal can’t live on threads alone…..heh, heh. July Transits. (otherwise know as ‘How all