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Pastel Posse

Yes, Hillary, in my case (or that of my hair) it DOES take a Village. I

Minx nail coverings

Minx nail coverings. Think ‘press on linoleum for your fingernails’…… Okay, the idea is trendy and

Trend: Permanent Eyelashes*

EVER Want those luxe ‘Bambi-esque’ eyelashes that only young deer and little boys seem to possess

Frédéric Fekkai Hair Color

Frédéric? I guess one is to infer that Mr. Fekkai is suggesting we do our own

Phoebe of Rare Accents

Kudos to talented ‘Phoebe’ (aka ‘Tiffany’) Clum of Rare Accents Salon in scenic (ahem) Palm Harbor,

Glitter Gel Nails

Glitter Gel Nails. Whee. Doesn’t everyone need twinkling tootsies? Just a thought. I get mine with

Host Hair

I’ve never seen spikes this side of a porcupine. Amazing. So, just how do these guys

Mr. Yuta Sakai, stylist, Pastel Atelier, Shibuya

A whole lot of hair/ a whole lotta time. For anyone with extensions, the key to

Ling Chow Salon, Coconut Grove

Bejewelled Swarovski Tattoos without the lifetime commitment. That could be an interesting holiday plan. Just think

It’s YU again

Can’t face that Tokyo Drift (with hair that looks Fast and Furious) without the Help of