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Better late than never (and trust me, that’s a true Sag motto)…..November 22 - December 20.

These Sagittarius natives have too many people in line for their sage wisdom (none of which they take themselves). Known for their keen wit and ‘horse sense,’ they have an uncanny sense of timing. Most especially with lotto, daily doubles and yes, even slot machines.

Ruled by Jupiter, these expansive individuals travel the globe–in their mind IF not literally. Restless for knowledge, they have an innate belief that everything happens for a reason.

Lucien heading out the door

Of course, they must have wheels. Sag can’t be stuck in one place or Cabin Fever erupts with a vengeance. ‘It’s hard to hit a moving target’ is their motto and it’s served them well.

Philosophical, they view life as sets of learning experiences that they will share with you until you duct tape their mouths shut. Go for it. They are athletic and never shy away from championing a cause or underdog. Sagitarrians can be judgmental and often things blurt uncensored from their mouths (insert foot here), but they mean well and the intent usually spares them that karate chop they deserve.

Minor health issues may crop up for these individuals in the early months of 2009–but should subside by the second quarter of the year with proper attention.

YYC’s Fave Sags:

Lucien S-P (November 29)
Jaden Nakata (November 22)
Minnie Aleene (December 17)
Grace C. (December 8 )
Norman Summers (November 29)
Britney Spears (you go, Girlfriend)
Bob Dodson (the man, not the cat)
Laurence Moens
Gianni Versace (December 2)
Uncle George (November 22)
Max Baer aka ‘Jethro’ (December 4)
Steve Buscemi (December 13)

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Oh you naughty goats…..climbing your way through life step by step….(you get faster as you get older) you aim for the top of the peak. You usually reach it. Not without obstacles, but once you hit your stride, you’re unstoppable. You are loyal, steadfast, patient, plodding, methodical and exasperating (trust me, I know too many of you)…..well, let’s just say you often ‘draw’ less structured souls into your life who resist regimentation. By 40, you can easily be a CEO of any Fortune 500/top Nikkei Company. Tireless, you work hours that others can’t fathom. Many see you as lacking in emotion, but you compartmentalize your love/family life from your career. And, you do it seamlessly.

The year ahead promises changes that you have worked for, but may not be ready to accept due to the ramifications of your promotions. Movement–perhaps not planned– can spook the Goat, but Capricorn is more than capable to transition. Watch your knees, bones, teeth—these may require some physical tweaking this year, but as always you can well ride out the storm on your four hooves.

Fave Caps:

Dennis Sheehan
Addision Sheehan
Jim Carrey, January 17, 1962
Kevin Costner, January 18, 1955
William Towers
Yong Ki Shin
Mr. Liu Wei
Ryota Fujimaki (藤巻亮太, Fujimaki Ryōta) (b. January 12, 1980)
Nicholas Cage, January 7
Junichiro Koizumi, January 8
David Bowie, January 8
Elvis Presley, January 8
Yoko Sykes, January 8
Gary Oslebo
George Summers

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Happy Birthday, Virgo

Happy Birthday, Virgo.

There is a DASH of “Felix Unger” to Virgo that I’ve never personally grooved to…that said: my daughter, my best friend, my business partner (one of them) and scores of everyone I know OWNS a Virgo Moon…or more precisely, their Virgo moons OWN Them (the moon equates to sort of what you do on ‘auto pilot’…) so having said that the Universe must indeed be sending me these individuals to help me straighten up my scattered life.

It works for them, because Virgo Sun and Virgo Moon always like to be of some use. They need to be needed as acutely as Pisces, their opposite sign.

Virgo is analytical and loves to make check lists. They make lists of their check lists. And, they feel compelled to go over them with you, too. Again and again and again.

They are ‘CONSTRUCTIVELY’ critical, but, before you haul off and hit them in the head with the nearest object NOT nailed down–remember that they are probably harder on themselves than they would be on anyone else. Ridden with anxiety, they strive for perfection in what they do. ….And, they’d like to help you do it, too (whether you want the help or not is irrelevant). And, they may very well be correct.

Of course, personal points: Sun, Moon, Midheaven, Node (of the moon–mathematical derivative), Ascendant (some astrologers refer to this as ‘rising sign’) are modified by aspect to one another, sign compatibility within one’s own chart—and oodles of other tiny details (Virgo–you should relish this part) that flavour the individual. Hence, if you were to read a cookbook and added cloves instead of a clove of garlic to spice up your spaghetti….well, you’re going to be in for an interesting experience.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Sort of a code share (too many flights) with Gemini. The difference, although both signs are mutable in nature (sort of preferring to address the progress of a situation by responding rather than initiating the action), is that Gemini has a Hell of a lot of irresponsible fun doing whatever it is and probably lacks the patience to see the task through to completion. Virgo does not. Unfortunately, they can beat a dead horse and not know when to ‘Drop It.’ Many astrologers correlate Virgo more to an energy blend of Vesta/Pallas (asteroids: see Martha Lang Westcott (Treehouse Mountain Press) for more details on how these space rocks tattle on all our dirty little secrets……and you Scorpios out there have all just perked up–ha, ha) with a dash of Dr. Spock thrown in for good measure.

The sign governs the sixth house of the zodiac traditionally (although it will vary within your own chart based upon your Ascendant/ Midheaven and any interceptions that you might have based on your time and place of birth). The sixth house rules one’s health, nutritional interests, exercise routines, duties that are often unappreciated by those around you, but that MUST be done. Clerical issues, filing, dentistry, daily chores–chop wood carry water.

The sun entered Virgo on 22 August this year at 2:02 PM EST and will depart (quietly) on 22 September at 11:45 AM EST. Now, since Virgo does enjoy the nitty gritty of it all, this timing WILL vary EVERY year. Therefore, if you are born on the 22nd, it would be ADVISED to check your time/date/place vs. Greenwich Meantime (GMT) because 29 degrees of Leo/Libra is much MUCH different than 0 degrees of Virgo/Libra. (People throw that: ‘Oh, I was born on the cusp” line around like ‘The check is in the mail.’ Don’t even go there.)

Famous Virgos:
Karl Lagerfeld
Claudia Schiffer
Michael Jackson
Sophia Loren
Hugh Grant
Prince Harry
Claire Sheehan
Martha Lang Westcott (Tree House Mountain Press)
Dr.Charles Peter

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