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Eskimo Kisses

Dateline Tokyo: June 17, 2008. Happy Birthday, Keiju-chan. All my kisses, Eskimo, French and well, you

My Prince (Charming, of course)……

Wow, Finally A COMMITMENT FROM KEIJU. Okay girlfriends, I feel so lucky…… We got the green

Tokyo American Club Takanawa

Bastion of all things foreign (though not necessarily American) in Tokyo has now moved to new

Karaoke at the Big Echo

In my mind, Karaoke is one part Tom Cruise=Risky Business+Bob Seger’s ‘Old Time Rock N Roll’


Today’s portemanteau du jour. Why not. (yeah, I’d like to riff on that for a while….)

Pas de deux

Break Glass in the event of a ‘Lara Flynn Boyle’ Moment. Too Kawaii for words. Like

Run for the Cure Pink Ball

Friday: It’s that time of the year again!!! Run For The Cure: PINK BALL Dateline Tokyo-February

Sherry Hola!

When we met in Tokyo Midtown last May, Ms. Yamaguchi was wearing a black wrap Diane

Shin Okubo or Koreatown

Shin Okubo or Koreatown (not Zozotown: whole different vibe) Tokyo. Wow! so, you’ve decided to spice

Asian Helper

Well, well….hasn’t Betty (as in Crocker) gotten P.C. in her old age. Admittedly, I’ve whipped up