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On The Fly

I feel as if this should be part of a skit from Monty Python’s Flying Circus–but this Parrot is ANYTHING, but Dead……

New Zealand Felon–apparently (ap-parrot-ly) a repeat offender.

Mr. Peter Leach (former Royal Navy Employee) was this JailBird’s latest victim. Mr. Leach paused unsuspectingly to take a picture of a local species of parrot when the perp flew in to steal his cash from the dash.

Said ‘Bird’ made off with roughly $1100 in local currency leaving Mr. Leach with roughly the spare $30 he had tucked into his pants pocket.

Witness to the theft were a Canadian couple who alerted Mr. Leach that they had seen the crime occur.

Police arrived at the scene, but saw no leads on the ‘dirty birdy’–although they informed the victim that his was not an isolated incident (after a pause for the officer’s laughter).

Padding the nest, indeed.

Party Ship turned ‘POTTY’ Ship

Carnival’s Triumph?

Party Ship turned ‘POTTY’ Ship.

Three days into its Voyage, Carnival’s ‘Triumph’ morphed into a floating ghetto without plumbing or electricity after an engine fire crippled the ship. Apparently the fire broke out in the engine room on Sunday morning.

A total of 3,143 passengers and 1086 crew members were stranded aboard nearly one week.

By 36 hours into the “adventure” passengers were forced to line up for three hours to receive onion sandwiches and drinking water on the ship—there was no air conditioning.

Save for five working toilets–and I BET one of those was in the Captain’s cabin–there was no available plumbing. The toilets on board were backed up and sewage was seeping into cabins. Passengers received red plastic bags in which to relieve themselves.

Next, the ship began listing to one side.

Carnival CEO, Gerry Cahilll spoke to the Press on February 12 (Tuesday) offering his apologies and what many feel was TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE in terms of compensation for his ship’s VICTIMS ** — $500 per person, a voucher toward a future cruise and payment for travel expenses back to Galveston, Texas where the Cruise had originated.

The massive vessel was towed into Mobile, Alabama after subjecting passengers to days full of ANYTHING, BUT the “24 hours of fun a day” that the company promotes on its website.

Of course, I guess it all depends on how you define Fun, doesn’t it Mr. Cahill?

It seems your definition doesn’t include ship maintenance.

Happy Note: U.S. Taxpayer dollars were spent to bail the ‘Triumph’ out of troubled waters—the U.S. Coast Guard was deployed to assist in the passenger rescue, guiding the Ship into Mobile harbor in darkness–the largest ship to ever dock at that Alabama Port.

Read more.

This follows the Costa catastrophe last year when the ship Concordia killed 32 when it capsized off the Italian coast. Now there’s an Ad to promote the Cruise Industry.

FYI: Carnival owns over half the market share with 100 ships.

Perhaps it should change it’s name to ‘Carnivore.’

Well, as for myself—–frankly, I’ve decided that I’m not ready to have that much Fun 24/7.

Thanks, anyway.

** Most cruise tickets contain fine print that absolves the company of liability beyond a refund, boilerplate disclaimers upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, and lawyers are often loath to take the cases because of the odds, said Robert Jarvis, a professor of maritime law at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Paging Samuel L. Jackson……

No, it’s not another B grade Movie—IT’S Qantas Airlines flight 191.

Apparently a Scrub Python became a stowaway on a 1 hour and 50 minute flight from Cairns, Australia to Port Moseby, New Guinea.

Despite 400km winds and a -12 degree temperature the snake managed to cling to the wing of the airplane for the duration of the trip—-

Unfortunately despite his desire to emigrate to the Paradise that is Papua, he was pronounced DOA.

I wonder if Qantas also lost his luggage.

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