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Toys In Babeland

Gotta admit that while I am a die hard Paisley fan (and no one does Paisley

Demerit MARC

Ah, well, Mr. Jacobs is quite the visage in pink and black for Paris’ Fashion Week.

Vuitton – L’ame du voyage 2010 luggage catalog

Okay, well, YYC…..having actually traveled throughout East Africa with our maximum 40 lb allowance of luggage

eBay: French Fried

Apparently, as of November 30 last year, LVMH (Louis Vuitton, baby) will not allow eBay vendors


Yeah, I’ve sent out false alarms before, but it’s TIME! Swing that cyber gavel and let’s

Louis Vuitton Chopsticks

(Arigato—domo arigato Jim (u)…..) Well, U Need (as in NEED) these in Tokyo. Hashi desu. Brand

Tokyo Banana

Sorta like swallowing goldfish. Guess a trend is a trend. Believe it or not—Tokyo Banana is

Now that’s a lot of Monogram

Holy Hard Case Luggage, Batman—-Louis Vuitton is embarking on a 7,000 square metre retail Boutique in

Have you seen this ad?

Have you seen this ad (sure you have, I’m always the last….) Okay Keith, there’s some

YYC’s Favourite Sags: Qi Rong

Happy Birthday QI RONG! (pronounced ‘KEY Wrong’) December 20, 1991–Gregorian December 29, 1991–Lunar This year, I’m