Tanning in Tokyo

Good Luck (Gambatte) finding a bronzer in Tokyo. Seriously. I look as white as a dead fish and all I can scope out are products to bleach me more. Seriously. Do I really need that embalming treatment?

Having lived in Florida and even receiving the posted flyers promoting every tanning cream/lotion/pad and potion….I thought….hey, there has to be ‘something’ in Japan.


While not exactly a ‘kabuki’ moment, I was surprised that there were literally NO options to get a bit of hue even through imported ‘Lancome,’ ‘Lauder,’ and ‘Bobbie Brown.’ These brands feature staple products in the US that are absent in any store I rummaged through in Tokyo.

Guess I need to ‘Go Geisha…..’
Sayonara J. Lo.

Chanel White Essentiel poster at Mistukoshi

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