Tanning Odyssey

Okay, some gals like the geisha look. Nicely pink, powdered and pale. Unfortunately, I possess the fairest skin this side of a transfusion. What’s a Golden Girl wanna -be to do? Voilà:

Vani-T Cyclone professional tanning airbrush system

Vani-T Cyclone (professional airbrush) and LIQUID SUN from Australia (Fair Dinkum, mate).

I’ve had this complexion complex for years (not helped by the fact that one of my business partners is a yummy cappuccino colour, one has flawless Asian skin, and the other has this infuriating glow that prompts people to think she’s twenty years or so younger than she is). Alas.

I’ve tried every spray on/slathe on product since I was ten. Remember Q-T? Not that I didn’t groove to having orange palms for a week. I tried Lancome (and, for what it’s worth, their self bronzer FOR LEGS is decent in a pinch), even Chanel ricocheted into the market–but, non!!

I finally bought a system by a company ‘Natural Bronze’ that promptly filed for Chapter 11….just when I decided that I should toss in the tan towels–I stumbled upon a system out of Australia that one of my Double Bay clients secretly confessed using: Voilà, the Cyclone.

Vani-T Cyclone by Liquid Sun control pad

The solution (I use dark) fades perfectly and wears evenly. It does help to exfoliate, have a sheet under your feet (the stuff can be safely and stainlessly wiped up–Just ask the Ritz Carlton TOKYO Midtown), and put vaseline on your eyebrows, ankles (unless you like looking like you’ve just loped through a tobacco field), and fingernails.

10% Liquid Sun Bronzing Mist by Vani-T

Seriously, I even travel with this sucker (I think some hotels think I’m bringing my own vacuum. Oh well, it helps in Japan.)

Debby and Kevin
distribute the product and have even shipped me a replacement in the event of any problems, no worries–Aussie style.

Your new secret weapon.

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