Target Practice

As in I should have made a few trial runs because by the time I hit the store the Missoni was all-gone-y.

Slim pickings Missoni for Target

Yeah. Well, anyway. I apparently was not the only one as it was reported that their website actually crashed twice under the weight of anxious buyers filling orders of the Italian high line designer’s fare for the chain store.

Their displayed range included children’s wear, housewares, barrettes, hats, tights, lingerie, and their famed knits scaled to quasi affordable proportions, and based on the coupon that YYC received upon checkout, apparently a sheet set only available ON LINE. Mamma Mia.

Shoppers apparently cleaned the racks as fast as they were filled and by the close of business EST (10PM) only odd sizes and scattered items could be snuffled out next to dressing room discard bins and a few display racks.

Missoni for Target

Next time I’ll work on my aim! That said, I have a feeling that it will be readily available on eBay (for a price). Happy hunting.

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