Tempting Skin? Try Temptu

Okay, admittedly…I’m an airbrush fanatic. Add to that fact, I have a substantial addiction to cosmetic products. Combine those two factors and what do you get…..(other than an explosion in a paint factory and drawers full of make up????)……


Temptu Airbrush Makeup System

I personally started my fascination of all things airbrush with Uslu Airlines personal makeup kit in the basement of Barneys’ New York (Madison Avenue). Chloe Sevigny was in their promotional video and this very creative line out of Norway to my knowledge went BOOM years ago.

I now see advertisements for Luminess Airbrush System (and yes, I bought that, too…..) which is yet another home delivery product offered both online and on television. I found a slightly used kit on Amazon–I saved about $50 through that method of purchase. Frankly, that product clogged on my first use and was a fairly conventional IF primitive system. The concept is great, the home use products are often not.

Enter Temptu. I was familiar with them from their line of professional make up artist supplies sold online. I also found these years ago through the Uslu representative who used the bases with her Uslu system when she found that the application of their line alone left her looking pasty rather than perfect.

The benefits of airbrush application are many. Just as being ‘airbrushed’ can significantly improve your appearance on paper—this concept works well in real life as your complexion is resurfaced by application of the lightest wisp of color.

The end result can whack a few years off your appearance and the purchase of the product applicator may chip a chunk off the bottom line of your balance sheet—but, again, the real problems have for me been in the application and the composition of the foundation to be used in the system.

In order to dispense colour evenly, the base MUST have a consistency that is conducive to airbrush application. The result is generally a watery, oil free product that is very unlubricated. Initially, it appears to have a fine finish, but pores in human skin and that lack of oil can make the overall result chalky and too matte for older (sorry girlfriends, we’re referring to the 27+ set….) skin types.

That means YOU most likely. And, it definitely means ME.

The second obstacle to your perfection in ‘visage’ is that despite how ‘easy’ airbrush products are generally touted for use, most women are not artisans with their own make up. Therefore, they can manage tried and true cream or bottled formulas, but this method leaves them feeling naked or incomplete. Case and point, sponge application of foundation. Most women DON’T do it that way in real life. Sponge applicators especially marketed with department store products go unused. Therefore, many women who have used newer methods of application Overcompensate and waste a lot of their supply adding unnecessary coats of material to get the look that they would probably reap from less product, but one with a different formulation or base. (try a spatula….and a can of spackle…..)

Temptu airbrush application modules

Temptu resolves this immediate dilemma with their silicone-based foundations sold in compact, pop-in application modules.

Colour match your skintone and go. Ready, Aim, Fire. It’s really that simple and ONCE over should do the trick.

Each Temptu kit is sold with a DVD instruction disc to ‘teach’ you their proposed method. You can skip that step of prepping your face before use with a lubrication that before TEMPTU would be used STRICTLY to facilitate the application of the airbrush makeup itself (and no, I don’t mean your AM moisture routine–I mean some base coat of something to smooth over your pores that the mist of foundation would ordinarily sink INTO as the formula is sprayed on your skin).

Easy to clean (no hoses to dislodge from the airbrush system to painstakingly cleanse/dry before the next AM’s routine) and re-use. It’s far easier to use than this little diatribe was to write.

One word of warning. The colours that Sephora has to market this range online are actually quite different than the ‘real life’ colours tend to be. I was shocked at just HOW YELLOW based many of their Ivory tones were on my skin. Therefore, if you are in the cool range of skin tones—it would be wise to actually try a swatch of their colours at your jawline. When you really become adept, you might want to consider investing in a second tone to blend with the first in the same tonal family for even nicer results. But that’s next semester and THE BLUSH TONES offered are for POST GRADUATE CLASSES ONLY!!!!!!!! (remember that even if you forget the rest of the stuff I’ve just written).

Temptu also sells a ‘touch up” pen designed to carry with you for easy reapplication of colour (Thank you, Temptu Marketing department).

Frankly, it’s the same deal as any other product you would normally use which matches that base tone that you’ve sprayed. The product that you Need to buy from Temptu is the far superior (to other products that I have tried for layman use) airbrush delivery system–and their spray foundation engineered to work with it.

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