Temptu Airbrush Makeup

Follow this along the lines of a ‘spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.’

Temptu Airbrush S/B Makeup tanning kit

NO, FOR GODS SAKE DON’T EAT THIS STUFF (although I have been known to eat the preservative packets of silicone in dried seaweed packages presuming they were salt…..that’s another story better followed by the New England Journal of Medicine….)

Temptu airbrush S/B tan tubes

No, the idea behind these tubes is to add a bit of lube to airbrush makeup—uslu and all—which tends to be too dry to do much beyond a chalky spray coat. While a nice aerosol dusting of colour is nice if you’re twenty, you probably need a little help from your friends at 40. (Beyond that, I personally recommend spackle aisle 10, Home Depot.) Okay, seriously, a dab of this seems to do the trick.

It’s pro use for the most part and available primarily by online purchase, but it’s an industry standard and well worth the investment. Most people have a range of skin colours throughout the year and a little dab will do you…..

Most of the primers on the market today work on this concept. It will facilitate the glide of whatever you spray/brush or smear on your skin. Less tugging (good for the skin) better blending (good for the finish.)

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