Tenth Anniversary

Ebay and I are ostensibly having our tin/aluminum anniversary this year—Ten Years of Bliss together…er…..

gifts sent from eBay for YYC's 10th anniversary

Okay, well, I guess I’ll confide that I was surprised to receive a handwritten card, dual pen set and ‘moleskine‘ (as if) styled notebook—presumably within which to jot my future auction action plans.

It took me about a week to open the card. It was handwritten (Kudos for that one guys–I guess since Meg has moved to greener pastures the gang is brainstorming)–one can only imagine the hours of fun someone is having as they scribe this stuff out.

However, it was a nice gesture and totally unexpected.

I mean, Frankly, some marriages celebrate the passage with less fanfare (I’ll spare you personal examples).

Of course, eBay and I aren’t as intimate as we once were years ago (wild late nights of listing/bidding)—I think of it as sorta: amicable cohabitation. It’s changed, I’ve changed. I am involved with some other auction sites (I have a thing with Yahoo.japan–I refer to this as my ‘Asian’ fetish).

Anyway, eBay has more sellers and buyers than in 1999. I know I’m rationalizing. I guess I thought I was more special as a seller, but we’ve both changed over time. I’m trying to be mature about the changes in our relationship. Maybe I need to use the little composition book to journal my personal thoughts about this stuff so I can come to terms with it…….(they sent me TWO pens—maybe I do have ‘issues’…..)

I think we’ll probably still be together in 2019. Wonder what they’ll send me then? Probably NOT new China. Alas.

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