The Namesake

Okay, admittedly I had to watch it since I wanna marry Jorma (Jorma Taccone).
Primarily because I think it would be great to be Jorma and Norma.
Life imitates art.

When I first saw ‘The Namesake‘ listed as ‘pay per view’ at a hotel I was staked out in….I did say aloud (and no, I was not alone in the room) , ‘wow—wonder what the Nam-a-saké is……..’

Since then it’s been a standing joke with my peeps, (okay, I’ve always wanted to write that….it’s FANTASY night at YYC….. and Jorma is here with a long stem red rose between his teeth– wearing only silk boxers **with a crab print all over them** having prepared a platter of boeuf wellington for our consumption–Vivaldi’s ‘Bolero’ making a crescendo as he carves the crust….Hey, it’s My fantasy) ahem—THE PEOPLE I WORK WITH…..because of my incessant trips to Tokyo. I guess I put that Japanese spin on everything assuming it’s Romaji.

Well….I was not alone…..Lo and Behold: The Namesake. I love the skit and was sincerely amused with Mr. Taccone’s delivery!!!!

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