The Year of the Ox

January 26th 2009 heralds in the Year of the Ox…….
(Heed ‘this’ o Ye born in 1961 or 1985……)
It is an Earth year as well as that of the Chinese Astrological sign of the Ox.
That means…..I have too many of these people in my life….

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That aside…Oxen are conscientious workers, dependable and steadfast.
Not party fare? Try co-habitating with a metal rat for a few weeks.
These are probably the only ones who can exit from the other end of that holiday on wheels.
You see…..while they seem to be a bit stodgy…in actuality they require a partner that can rattle their
cage a bit….so it seems.

You’ll be handing out brochures at major hubs (Ask me how many copies of the Bhagavad Gita I got stuck with) ….Oh, where is George Harrison when I need him.
and, YEAH…..My Guitar Gently Weeps…..’Sometimes’…….

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