Theo Fennell

Theo Fennell seems to be a bit of a mystery to the American ‘Bling’ Blogs (love, just LOVE the way that sounds)—-His upscale fare of fine jewelry is beautifully crafted and has the price points to prove it. Offered only through (to my knowledge—but do show me the way if I’m missing the bus here….) and on the website, the selections range from his signature “Key” paves, “Horn” paves, and charms that are adorned thematic hearts.

A charm by Theo Fennell

I own the skull/crossbone (ode to Goth) black diamond pave, but really wanted the ruby horned heart. I have heard that it’s best if you wear that one carefully since, as a horny little devil, it will rip through your $20 a pop plus Wolford tights and don’t even THINK about the havoc it would do to that delicate Lainey knit. Still, tempting.

Mr. Fennell also works in collaboration with Franck Muller on a line of watches–which are very FM in style, but with a bit of a twist (or at least the Theo label affixed at high noon). Harrods is still my favourite haunt for all things Fennell, but Heathrow bound passengers should hunt the Harrods’ duty free arcade in terminal 5–serious bargains and a decent range of his stock (if you can make it past Asprey and still have sterling burning a hole in your cashmere coat).

Ah, well, the point of this update was actually his new Scent–exclusive to Harrods, enitled: Theo Fennell (Wow, you can tell someone had a touch of brain freeze) It is rumoured to have undernotes of cinnamon, sandalwood, and benzoin (that sounds like something you need a prescription for….) The top fragrance is a floral mix of rose, orchid, lily, jasmine…..and while that sounds a bit like a funeral to me, I’m sure the benzoin will calm us all down sufficiently. They suggest it for evening wear. I suggest you spray it on a card and see if you really like it later. Rest in Peace.

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