These Boots Weren’t Made for Walkin’

Eddie Curtis of Bergdorf Goodman (aka, my Shoe GURU….) just sent me a pic of Alaia’s newest little black suede bootie (with a pretty big price….)

Alaia black boots with rufflesphoto: Eddie Curtis

…as well as two of his pix in that thigh high category that we at YYC groove to—both by Louboutin!
Many, many thanks, Eddie.

Louboutin black thigh high bootphoto: Eddie Curtis

Ladies, aim your plastic and fire. These won’t last long unless you are a 41.5 or a 35.5. (212-872-8940)

Personally, I prefer the tie up bootie at a mere $1955. (Plus that extra $290 for necessities of life….like Chocolates, etc.) Either option, remember—ship out of NY and NO TAX! (surely you Uptown girls have someone you know in Jersey).

Gucci’s caramel frappe suede $2250….
photo: Eddie Curtis

(yeah, for this price point we Do need to feel like we’re driving through Starbucks …Just think….1200 Venti Lattes later and you’ve got BOOTS—kinda makes it all seem worthwhile….) and, I can only imagine how the nap on these babies will fare after a ‘day in the life’ of me. (The lattes May indeed be a better investment after all.)

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