THREE Cosmetics by Aya Furumura

Seibu ‘Departo’ (see, now you’re speaking Japanese!) is now featuring a line that we have yet to see stateside.

The NEW line in Town is called ‘Three.’ It’s a good number, but we still haven’t quite worked out the significance. Japan’s version of our own #13 is #4—–(obviously NOT a good number for make up), but #3? Ah well (so desu).

Three Cosmetics at Seibu Shibuya

Three offers a unique range of interference shades and chameleon colours that would make your Porsche envious.

The micro milled powders are loose and seem to range from staple makeup ‘basics’ in neutrals to the ‘best- applied-by-skilled-hands-only’ (Danger Will Robinson, Danger) range.

We at YYC really loved their rose gold infused pinks and some of the more electric options that MAC has attempted but fallen short on to our eye.

Retail pricing was comparable to Shu (and no cheap date at today’s dollar/yen exchange). Plan on $30.00 for a shadow or a lipstick—this is pricing out at slightly less than buying ‘French’ options or doing the “Nars” thing.

Three Cosmetics makeup counter

Their crayons for both lid and lip were smooth and didn’t tug at the skin or lip. We bought #3—and the number vs. name “thing” in this case works just fine as we couldn’t a) type it or b) remember what to suggest to you in any other way.

Perhaps another import/export in the works. Kabuki, here I come.

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