Tokyo RMK Colours

Mixi dots (sort of like that Dippin’ Dots ice cream that tastes like crap but is sooooooo cute in the cup).

RMK Shiny Mixi Dots Counter

Some of the most unique colour story that we’ve seen cosmetically in a while. A blended symphony of hues that are milled to the nano degree. Wow. Never thought you could work with purple and moss green? Guess Again.

RMK Shiny Mixi Dots collection

YYC fave was the Jelly Eyes….a creme/powder fondant that glides on the face and can highlight even if you have no artistic skills at all.

Bravo for their inventive range of shadow and blusher combos.

RMK counter at Seibu

If you do find yourself in Tokyo, snap up a bunch of RMK and ask questions later. We didn’t see it at Narita Duty Free, but you might. Ginza? Roppongi? Shibuya? Try Seibu. They have comprehensive staff and the skill level of their team far surpasses what we’ve seen at stateside counters.

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