Tokyo Tower Bust Pudding

Bust Pudding box from Tokyo TowerTokyo Tower bust pudding - This sweetness which cheers adult

Now why hasn’t HOSTESS done these? I mean, we have Ho-Hos and Ding Dongs. How ’bout Ta-Tas? I discovered these at Tokyo Tower with my four year old son, who seems to think this is THE MOST hysterical treat he’s ever seen. (Actually, this seems to work with guys of all ages). I was attempting to find a confection or two to present as gifts to friends in the US after FINALLY (seven trips along) getting to Tokyo Tower. Sold in a set of two–convenient, eh?–encased in a small cardboard brassiere box. Great for the plastic surgeon in your life.

The tokyo bust pudding box description

Anyway, as a landmark, Tokyo Tower is sort of a Mini Eiffel Tower that the city sports not far from the Tokyo-American Club (don’t ask). It is repainted every seven years as well as lit up for celebratory events–all that charmingly ‘Ka-waii’ stuff. What does this have to do with breasts? Not sure, but I’m not Japanese.

Bon Appetit!

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