Tom Ford – Black Orchid

Tom Ford–Black Orchid (I guess reinventing “Youth Dew” just wasn’t enough of a challenge) This fragrance is exclusive to Neiman Marcus through January. You can take your time. Burning Toast is exclusive in my kitchen until someone confiscates my toaster. No hurry there, either.

We asked the sales person what the top notes were and she looked at us as if we’d sincerely lost our minds…mumbled something about music and wanted to find a spray atomizer to banish us to Hell.

Really, isn’t am emerging sunglass line enough? Does this guy really need the money or is his ego sagging with his jawline. Hate to think so, I don’t have a chance as my irrigation system is completely wrong, but the guy was an Adonis and his work for Gucci put it back in play. Three Cheers Tom. Find a better gig.

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