Tom Ford opens retail space on Madison

…but his women Wear Chanel. Glad he’s pays them well.

Okay, Tom Ford–Gucci’s fashion magician of days past who then parlayed YSL into recent success– is launching his own flagship Boutique. Citing himself as his own Muse–this guy obviously has no inferiority complexes with which he’s wrestling. Of course, he is an adonis and I’m just annoyed that he doesn’t groove to the female beat–not that I was anticipating a date with Mr. Ford in any event.

At his new Madison Avenue digs, Tom will offer tailored selections of classic men’s wear in the exquisite materials he prefers. I’d love to see him running down the street to visit V. Bruce. Gotta admit, they’d make good bookends.

I guess his Lauder contract has paid well.

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