Tom Ford Private Blend Collection

Tom Ford Private collection Parfum SaksSaks catalog

Ford: NOIR DE NOIR. ‘Black of Black’. Now that’s Original. (in a slightly illiterate way…..)

Tom Ford Boutique Madison Avenue NYC

I’d have called it ‘Teak,’ or ‘Black Magic,’ or TomFORD BLACK’….but Hey, I don’t have a boutique on Madison so what do I know….?

Then there is Tommy Ford’s pitch for ‘Tuscan Leather’…….but that’s not nearly as EPIC as Ricardo Montalban’s pitch in the 70’s for Chrysler’s ‘Corinthian Leather’ (‘ ‘The Plane, Boss, The Plane’) mmmmmm……….Fantasy FRAGRANCE

Billed as ‘Modern sophisticated fragrances for true fragrance connoisseurs….not that he’d know one if one bit him in the butt….(about level for the Late Hervé Villechaize….) but Hey, whatever. $180. Your loss is his gain. Tom needs some face time..

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