Tribute to Farrah

Oh No! Farrah Fawcett has been hospitalized in Los Angeles. She had recently been undergoing a cell treatment programme in Germany that is considered to be experimental to treat her cancer.

We (YYC) wish her as well as her family and loved ones the best that can be hoped for at this juncture …there are many who have leaned on her for support throughout the years.

For me–personally—she is an Icon.
Growing up, I guess I remember Farrah most vividly of all of ‘Charlie’s Angels.’
Her beautiful hair and strong face—very athletic, lithe physique…..

And, Of course, those posters of her that were on the wall of every guy my age in high school didn’t hurt either…..
If I couldn’t be Barbie, I wanted to be Farrah (I think Barbie just had her 50th birthday on March 9)–plus, Farrah had elbows and knees……Much more pliable.

May God Bless.

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