Trojan Calf

yumyum's Balenciaga gladiator sandals

Hard to Resist that Spartacus look. Actually, even Brad Pitt needed a ‘calf double,’ but, should you choose to strap on the trend, there are limitless options. I splurged for Balenciaga’s modified strappy sandal-esque version in the hopes that I would be able to use these perhaps a tad past next season just in case HBO doesn’t produce another season of ROME (and they are running out of Emperors….).

Chanel did a short and a long (read that as ‘unwearable’ this side of the Forum–okay, Elena, you have a right to wear them) patent version — and Sergio Rossi –do check out— jumped on the chariot with his luxe view of all things Roman. Caveat Emptor.

Rossi gladiator sandal from vivre.comRossi gladiator from

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